Natural Road Whey Protein Concentrate Unflavoured
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Natural Road Whey Protein Concentrate Unflavoured

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Natural Road WPC is a premium quality whey protein concentrate which is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fats. An advanced instantised protein, it mixes easily with milk or water to make a great tasting high protein, low carb shake. Ideal for adults of all ages, WPC helps to maintain energy levels, improve muscle recovery and helps you feel full for longer so can help you manage your weight. Natural Road WPC is unflavoured and unsweetened so great as a base to fruit smoothies, or to add to add to bake mixes etc.

Package Size: 1kg

Suitable for:

  • Weight trainers, gym-goers, athletes and active individuals
  • Individuals on low carb weight management programs
  • Growing teenagers and students
  • Seniors and those convalescing