Gloriously Free Organic Uncontaminated Oats
Gloriously Free Organic Uncontaminated Oats
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Gloriously Free Organic Uncontaminated Oats

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“The Oats you can Trust”

GK Gluten Free Foods introduced Gloriously Free Traditional Oats into Australia in 2009. This is our Signature Range and received recognition and certification in the USA in 2007. Since then, Australian customers have been eager to source this product, however it is important to note that here in Australia, a product that contains oats cannot be labelled gluten free due to current food labelling laws. These oats test down to nil gluten.

GF Oats are uniquely grown and processed in certified facilities that are free from the contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye,spelt and barley grains. They are sourced from GF Harvest in the USA where they use minimal impact growing techniques and crop exclusion zones. Their oats seed is sourced from a heritage seed and has a unique roasted creamy flavour that comes from their unique shelf stable mill processes and production line that is free of the top 8 allergens.

They are the most popular in all our lines and widely available throughout retail in Australia in all good Health Food Stores, Wholefood stores, Bulk suppliers and IGA and New Zealand in Countdown.

BENEFITS: Benefits: Gluten Friendly, (tested to nil gluten) Vegan, Wheat Free, Glyphosate Free, Refined Sugar Free, GMO Free, Soy Free

INGREDIENTS: 100% Conventional Steamed Rolled GF Oats

Creamy, Milky, Smooth, Delicious. 

Heritage seed stock for optimal nutrition creates a beautiful texture


dairy free egg free glyphosate free GMO free Kosher nut free preservative free processed sugar free uncontaminated from gluten vegan Vegan friendly vegetarian wheat free yeast free