Axxzia Mate™ For Eyes
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Axxzia Mate™ For Eyes

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Axxzia Mate™ For Eyes

Special care on around eyes with Mate™ For Eyes. Handy eye care equipment with the double function - low-frequency electric therapy and RF (radio frequency) offers special treatment around eyes in your home. Low-frequency electric therapy accelerates the penetration of serum into your skin as the RF warms around the eyes.

Mate™ For Eyes can be used for facial treatment as well.

Beauty Eyes - Eye Care Step

Eye care step outline below can be started after cleansing, washing and conditioning using 2 push Beauty Force Fine Toning Lotion. For standard eye care, use nightly. For intensive eye care, use every morning and night.

Eye Care Essence

Apply sufficient amount of Beauty Eyes Intensive Care Essence around the eye area and use Mate™ For Eyes to warm and soften the skin around the eyes with RF and help the essence penetrate into the skin with a low-frequency electric pulse.

Eye Sheet

Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet has an electric conductivity and Mate™ For Eyes can help penetrate the serum into the skin over the eye sheet. You can enjoy salon eye care treatment at home.

Eye Care Cream

Finish off the eye care with Beauty Eyes Day Care Cream around the eyes.