Axxzia AGtheory AG Drink 30 Day Box
Axxzia AGtheory AG Drink 30 Day Box
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Axxzia AGtheory AG Drink 30 Day Box

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Axxzia AGtheory AG Drink

We are an authorised re-seller of AXXZIA products with authorized id: AXVOF19***. (Certification of Authorization can be furnished upon request.)

 Each bottle of Axxzia AGTheory AG Drink Plus contains carefully formulated herbs and fish collagen for glycation care and oxidation care. Glycation and oxidation are bio-processes that age the body cells, tissues and organs. In shorts, these herbs and collagen slow down the ageing process and help maintain youthful cells, tissues and organs and thus exterior beauty.

 Major raw material:

  • Cherry Blossom

    • Cherry blossom (Sakura) is a symbolic flower of Japan like Mount Fuji. Its extract is precious since the blooming period is rather short, just one week!

  • Purple Chrysanthemum flower

    • The flower has been traditionally taken as a food in the north area of Japan. It is called a life-lengthening herbs in those areas.

  • European Hawthorn

    • Extract from the fruit of Hawthorn is traditionally used as medicinal herbs to condition the stomach in China and Europe.

  • Huttuynia Cordata

    • This plant is an aromatic medicinal herb widely grown in Japan. It has a very strong life force and was reported as the only herb that survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Chamomile

    • There are two types of Chamomile, one is german Chamomile which is suitable as herb tea. The other one is Roman Chamomile traditionally used as a herbal medicine. The latter is used in AG Drink Plus.

  • Grape Leaf

    • Grape leaf contains plenty of polyphenol and is a very effective anti-oxidant. It is common to drink as a herb tea at the winery in Europe.

  • Mangosteen

    • Mangosteen is called "Queen of Fruits". It contains polyphenol and glycoside for good health and beauty.

  • Rhodiola Rosea Root

    • This is a succulent plant that grows naturally at a highlands area of the northern hemisphere. Its root is used in China as medicine.

  • Palo Azul

    • This herb naturally grows in Paraguay in South America where it is called as treasure herb of the country. People in Paraguay drink this regularly as a tea called "Mate tea".

  • Fish Collagen

    • Fish collagen is a low molecular substance extracted from skin and scale of fish. The absorption of its collagen into the skin is better than standard collagen from animals because of smaller molecular size.

How to drink:

Cool AG Drink in the refrigerator and shake well before drinking. One bottle a day. Recommend to take it just after your bath for a refreshing feel.